oil on canvas
46 x 35.75 inches (F50)


At beginning of the process of painting, it starts with expectation. However, at finishing process, if the piece does not speak, a painter feels failure after all effort. Using different colors, or coming back to original plan, it makes several layers in the piece. Finally, the piece starts to have a voice.

To me, painting is to show the public what I have experienced and my feelings in general. This scene is a my neighbor. Hometown is nothing special. But, just like painting, after going through all the process, having all layers, I am appreciating this scene.
Tokyo Painting

Tokyo Painting is about the scenes and narrative of Japan. Additionally, I paint and write about the inspiring places where I travelled all over the world. Just like writing a letter, in this series of the work, I share what I have seen, thoughts, culture and life together with a large size of painting.