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Big Island of Hawai'i

Letter from Hawai'i

Honolii, Big Island of Hawai'i
oil on canvas
38.125 x 64 inches (M100)

This scene is one of my dream destination for surf. I visited this place in 2009, it was my first destination for the adventure. I still keep my memory of the wave, the ideal place for surfing. 

I just wish to visit again. This painting keeps my passion for surfing.


Coronado, San Diego

A new painting and the biggest size in my work.
I put 100% effort, all the skills and everything in this painting.

Letter from California.

Coronado, San Diego
acrylic on canvas
51 x 64 inches (F100)

Things started to move to the new phase.

I have always enjoyed painting, had great memory, and made friends through art. I will keep doing this activity through my life, just the same as when I was a little kid.

My intention is now move to the job, oversea marketing. This is the job what I always do since I graduate college in Japan. After doing art, I have a new aspect to this traditional job. I know I can do this job better than ever.

My pace of making art slows down, but does not mean stop.

Please visit the website sometime and see the work. I will occationally upload the piece. Hopely, the piece will bring you to the different world.

Thanks always for checking.


Price List

For the start of new year, I have uploaded the price list for my work. The price is charged based on the size of the canvas. Feel free to contact by Email.


Take a walk

A beutiful day at Kamakura, Japan. 

Best Wishes for the New Year.

The Show

Please enjoy the slide images of the show in Hiroshima. For my work, it seems people are attracted to the seascape paintings.

La Jolla, San Diego
oil on canvas
10.75 x 16.25 inches

acrylic on canvas
24 x 18 inches

This is just gift for a customer. Year of the Dog 2018

pencil, color pencil on decorated paper

The Show

Down Town


Having an opportunity to meet the people, audience through the show is always an eye openning experience. Thank you for coming to the show and I would like keep improving the pieces.