- Bio -

I was born and mainly educated in Japan. Since the childhood, I have looked outside where I lived to gain fresh ideas from different cultures. I always tried to have the different ideas. Fortunately, I have been able to travel around the world. I have been to more than twenty countries. I lived and was educated in some of those places in my youth. From this experience, I get inspiration from foreign scenery, such as cityscapes, landscapes, seascapes, and everyday activities in every location. I paint them and depict the feeling that I found, and sometimes create totally different narratives.
- Statement -

Traditional painting skill, composition, impression, and colors create the narrative in my paintings. My style of painting is to use these four elements and depict the aesthetic. The main subjects are cityscapes and landscapes. Canvas, panel board, acrylic and oil paint are my main media. In some paintings, one will see a representational image with careful depiction. In some paintings, one will see a considered composition, free brush strokes, and weight of the paint applied on canvas. In some paintings, one will see vibrant colors that create the impression of the scene. In some paintings, one will discover the harmony of colors. In those images, each section has a different color and transparency color that provides the feeling of the scene. By combining all four elements, I create a narrative in the piece and lead the audience into the painting.
- Exhibition Record and Award -

2017 Nika Kanagawa exhibition 2017, New Face Award - Yokohama, Japan
2017 Arte Ricca Shinyuri art exhibition 2017 - Kawasaki, Japan
2016 101st NIKA ART EXHIBITION 2016, Selected
2016 Nika Kanagawa exhibition 2016, Yokohama Mayor Award - Yokohama, Japan
2016 Arte Ricca Shinyuri art exhibition 2016 - Kawasaki, Japan
2014 SHEER PANIC, Montserrat College of Art Senior Thesis Show - Beverly, MA
2011 *Umi to Kaze no aru Fukeiten (Wind and Sea) - Tokyo, Japan
2008 *Umi no aru Fukeiten (Seascape) - Shonan, Japan
2014 Bachelor of Fine Art, Painting, Montserrat College of Art (MA, USA)
2004 Bachelor of Law, Political Science, Keio University (Tokyo, Japan)
* Solo show