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Coronado, San Diego

A new painting and the biggest size in my work.
I put 100% effort, all the skills and everything in this painting.

Letter from California.

Coronado, San Diego
acrylic on canvas
51 x 64 inches (F100)

Things started to move to the new phase.

I have always enjoyed painting, had great memory, and made friends through art. I will keep doing this activity through my life, just the same as when I was a little kid.

My intention is now move to the job, oversea marketing. This is the job what I always do since I graduate college in Japan. After doing art, I have a new aspect to this traditional job. I know I can do this job better than ever.

My pace of making art slows down, but does not mean stop.

Please visit the website sometime and see the work. I will occationally upload the piece. Hopely, the piece will bring you to the different world.

Thanks always for checking.


Price List

For the start of new year, I have uploaded the price list for my work. The price is charged based on the size of the canvas. Feel free to contact by Email.